Other Writing

Some of my writing on the wonderful World Wide Web:

“Love Triangle by the Sea” in ECOTONE (fiction) Love Triangle by the Sea – Ecotone (ecotonemagazine.org)

“Jump Rope” in ALASKA QUARTERLY REVIEW (fiction) Jump Rope – Alaska Quarterly Review (aqreview.org)

“The Fat People and the Skinny People” in DIAGRAM (fiction) DIAGRAM :: Andy Mozina (thediagram.com)

“Psalm for a Selfish Hospice Volunteer” in ELECTRIC LITERATURE (nonfiction essay) http://electricliterature.com/psalm-for-a-selfish-hospice-volunteer/

“The BBs” in JOYLAND (fiction) This story won second place in the 2013 Summer Literary Seminars Unified Contest judged by Mary Gaitskill.

The BBs

“Always the Same Dream” in DIAGRAM (fiction) http://thediagram.com/13_2/mozina.html

“Proofreader” in PHOEBE (fiction)


“My Nonsexual Affair” in ECOTONE (fiction)

“Windows Reflect Some Light” in DIAGRAM http://thediagram.com/10_5/mozina.html (fiction)

“Dogs I Have Known” in THE MISSOURI REVIEW (fiction) http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/missouri_review/summary/v031/31.3.mozina.html

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