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KALAMAZOO — On a rainy Monday afternoon, Andy Mozina did a reading and a Q&A at Toddler Town, a daycare center in Kalamazoo, in an effort to publicize his new book, QUALITY SNACKS.

While the children napped on mats, chased each other around an oval of brown carpet, or made chains out of slips of orange construction paper, Mozina read from his collection and told the youngsters a little bit about how he got started as a writer.

During the Q&A, one child asked Mozina what he was doing there. Mozina patiently explained the concept of a book tour and how he felt compelled to bring his work to the masses despite his ambivalence about the commodification of art.

The girl did not seem to listen to Mozina’s answer to her question.

The children were required to enter their names in a random drawing to win “a special prize,” which turned out to be an autographed copy of QUALITY SNACKS. The winner, Malcolm Boudreau, age four, later wedged the book behind a radiator.

Mozina toured the facility and approved of the way the teachers were instructing and caring for the children.

On his way out, Mozina urged the children to publish their writings as well.